Arfon Owen


Minneapolis IV

A bold and confident opening, with plenty of bravado as required. You make good contrasts, be careful not to rush the accentuated notes. I could use more middle of the band (horns) in the melodic part of the «trio». But a good band sound here.

Plenty of style here throughout. 

Letter From Home

Lovely interjections from Trombone, Flugel and euphonium. The music flows well and 8th note accompaniments are together, with shape and space. I feel the basses are a bit «clunky» in places. Watch intonation muted cornets, and band on the last chord. 

Otherwise plenty to enjoy here too. 

Cut to the Chase

An «in your face» opening, slight tuning issues when the band is at full tilt before the Sousaphone entry. Nice work sousaphone and trombone. This kind of solo does not require classical prescision trombone, so all it all adds to the character. Well done. 

The band is in the groove here, and requires minimal input from the conductor in terms of keeping pulse. Which is nice to see. 

Well done both soloists. Enjoyed it. 


I feel this opening could have been a little softer, but I don`t know the dynamic marking, so this is my own personal taste. 

The melody is well shaped and carries expressiveness. Tuning is not 100% in all voices playing the melody. 

A lovely arrangement that would have pulled on my heart strings somewhat more with a bit more dynamic contrast, and some more space in places. But a fine reading nonetheless. 


Love the «whoops» from the baritones and euphoniums! The band is at full tilt, and though it is a big sound, it can get a bit harsh if not careful. 

Plenty of drive here, and you capture the spirit of the wild west, magnificent 7 esque style. 

Nice sound solo cornet. A bit more air through the intrument and it would´ve been perfection. 

Watch out accompaniment underneath the flugel soloist. Are we completely together? Well done flugel. 

The proceeding section is a little scrappy, some split notes, not all note denominations are moving or synced up together. I could do with more of the soprano obligato. 

Again the band is at full tilt and the sound is big, but intonation suffers, especially on the last chord during the crescendo (the 3rd of the chord is very sharp) 

Overall: A nice program, plenty to enjoy. Ususal suspects with regards to intonation, ensemble. There were expressive moments too. Just wish there was a few more of them! Thank you


Sandefjord Brass Symposium

Timeless Tales (7 movement suite) 

Guitar and band! Interesting! The sounds compliment each other well I feel, up to this point! 

Percussion and band are not together at the opening, for example cymbal and band on the first beat of each new phrase. and the tuned percussion seems to be a little behind. 

Guitar is captivating. 

This groove is well played. The guitar does not drown the band and visa versa, so all in a good balance. Kit is now the driving force here, and is done well. 

The waltz is maybe a bit heavy. An overall lighter base would give more room to open up the effects. 

Nice guitar playing again! 

Backrow watch your intonation when you are required to come out of the picture. 

The band is not 100% together in these syncopated interjections with bongos. Some are slightly earlier than others. But it is far from catastrophic, the difficult cross rhythms are handled quite well really. 

At last, we get to some relaxation! Nice work between cornet and guitar. 

Up to now, the band´s dynamics have been pretty near each other, with the quietest you have played being around MF in my mind. This movement would have been the perfect opportunity to show us your dynamic range, and your ability to create a mellower sound. Unfortunately I feel it´s very samey. 

There are some minor ensemble issues and the odd clip here (I know where I mean!). 

Basses you are a bit loud accompanying flugel. But nicely played, flugel!

16th notes between solo cornet and horn are mostly good, with the odd clip here and there. Again, more of the same dynamic levels. 

The 12/8 section, I feel is too shouty, and could be calmer, whilst still having the same ovrall lilting effect. Percussion is good here. 

Improv trumpet is full on, nailed the last note! 

More loud playing, you can have too much of a good thing sometimes! But I have to commend the band`s stamina, to be able to keep going like this! 

Overall: The concept was a good one, and it was a well arranged work. Great guitar playing. However, I feel this piece did not show me a wide range of the band`s abilities. On top of this, the dynamics were narrow is scope, so it got quite repetitive after a while.  

Some great playing, but I just wish I´d have heard more variety. Thank you. 




The antiphonal work is good. I feel it is sometimes a little imbalanced in the chordal work, but this could be from where I am sitting. You move together and intonation is mainly good.

Can you dig it

This is relentless playing, with great drive from the percussion and basses. The band sound is big, but agile. Be careful not to get sharp when pushing so much air through the pipes! Great soprano playing, to cut through over such a huge sound! 

Groovy stuff.

Love of my Life

The opening is handled well with plenty of flow. The soloist comes across very nicely and effortlessly. Basses slightly «clunky» for me, at times. 

Nicely played tuned perc. 

In the band´s extended passage before the B section, I feel this could have been slightly better shaped (given a bit more space to breathe maybe), and more fluidity. 

High cornets are slightly sharp in the upper register in louder dynamics. 

Beautiful playing, euphonium. Magic. Thank you. 


Listen to the octaves in cornets at the opening, I am not convinced by them. Intonation in horns as well before the groove sets in. Percussion is good, but overpowers soprano. 

Plenty of dynamic contrast, with the accentuated 16ths coming out nicely. 

I can do with more low horns, especially in the block chords. 

Trumpet, why are you not standing for this? It is well played, but when the band enters, I feel I lose you a bit.  

Basses, this is crazy good. I cant really see, but I suspect some help from electrical appliances here? 

For the 2nd time in two days you impress with your singing. There is always direction in the melodic lines, right to the end. Nice work. 

Song for Japan

2nd time I am impressed by the horn playing (if not slightly worried!). Intonation in the quintet is solid most of the time, just listen to intontion of chords at the end of phrases (the 3rd had a tendency to be sharp), and be sure that they are balanced. I suspect some slight nerves in places, but still a good show. 

I feel the band´s loud dynamic is more at home in the previous piece. Can we round it off a bit, be less shouty? 

 A lovely ending. Maybe more euphonium to finish. 

Good show. 

Knut Liten  

A haunting voice. Trombones, can you open up the tone a bit more in your repeated dotted motif (not louder). 

I am trying to recall the last time I heard the band play quietly, and wish there was more of this. I feel that there needs to be some prioritising here, with regards to which voices need to be heard. Otherwise this quickly just becomes a free for all. 

A great program choice with plenty of foot tapping stuff. Song for Japan really helped to balance it out. Well done to all soloists, especially euphonium.Thank you. 



Chump Change

Tambourine, you are loving this! This grooves along just nicely. Well done horn and sop, the odd clip but well recovered. Basses do not rock the tempo and this helps a lot. Nice glisses trombones. Watch out for intonation in the solo line. 

We get a bit scrappy and lose focus during the sop and plunger solo. Sop you are a tiny bit sharp on top of solo cornets. 

Ok we are loud now! (Even louder than your conductor´s jacket!) 

Elk´s Parade

A good start. Cornets are not quite together during the horn section´s feature (which I could do with more of) 

Jazz tenor horn!! Nice! I would have liked it louder. But well played. Well done euphonium and trombone as well. classy. 

Horns you sound like a sax section with that vib. I like it. 

This is glad jazz! 

Cornets, when stood up, there are some suspicious notes, but I guess thats jazz?! 

Nice finish (including jazz hands from conductor!)

Traveling Bossa

I hear the bossa nova style, but I could do with a pinch more of it. Basses for example I feel are too loud in places, and maybe 5 off the tempo marking would help give space I feel a Bossa Nova requires. A bit more light and shade with beat emphasis too please. 

Can the 16th notes sound less like an Arban study? 

But yeah, it was good playing. 

Ved Rondane

Nice horn sound again at the opening, and during the euphonium solo (good balance), which is going just great up to now! 

Nice effects with cornet harmons. Horns continue to be well balanced ( I listen to you a lot dont I?) 

This is a challenging euph solo, and is well handled, if I am going to be really picky, some of the really high notes are slightly out of tune. But this really does not take away from your skill. 

Nice solo horn and flugel! 
The band does well never to overpower the soloist. 

Well done euphonium. That was classy. 

Not Yet

Nice flugel and sop, rich sounds from basses and low brass. This grooves well. Nice licks from sop and horns I think? Id say about 98% nailed.

Nice tuned percussion. Again nice flugel and solo horn. 

I would love the the last note of each lick to be a bit crisper. But this is a small issue. 

Cool note Bass trom! 

I feel these difficult licks sound mildly panicked. Relax! It´s going well! 

More from backrow in muted section please. 

Nice work soprano at the end! 

The Incredibles

I guess I should be somewhat critical. I feel this is maybe on the heavy side at the outset. 

Nice soprano and horn glisses! Nice band collective fall. Back row, very good playing with the plungers. 

Nice tempo transition. The ensemble from basses and accompanying 8th notes is solid, which allows the melodic lines to just float. 

This grooves. Nice walking bass. The licks are together, and unified in style. You go for it, and obviously when you do this there will be some splits. But it doesn’t detract. 

Nice horn glisses again, followed by the the main melody. 

Well done trombones. you cut through. 

Be careful of intonation when you go full tilt! 

What an ending!!

Overall. Yeah this was good, it sounded like you just enjoyed your moment. Well done to all soloists. Impressive horn section too. Thank you for that! I was smiling throughout. 


Jaren Hornmusikkforening

Blackbird Special

Great party atmosphere. Good basses, but I feel after your initial session in the limelight, you could step back a bit. More bass trombone please? Good Euphoniums and baritones. 

Good cornets and trombones too, very tight. This is very secure and rock steady. 

Nice work all round! Thanks!  


Plenty of flow from the outset. Good band sound and ensemble was good. I just enjoyed listening to it. That is all!

More Than a Woman

70´s disco feel is good from the outset. A bit more of the melody to begin with maybe? I feel basses are too strong here, and possibly the band generally. A bit too «in your face» for my taste. The accents could be more rounded rather than big band accents. 

I feel there is some «blasting» here. Which is a shame.

Trumpet solo cuts through, but slowly the band creeps up. 

The feel was good, but for my taste it was a little too in your face. 


Tempo is locked in from the off. Euphonium is in fine form, Good effects from band, and you dont overpower the soloist because he´s a strong player, thankfully! 

I spoke too soon, basses as much as I love your playing, I would like to hear more euphonium please. 

A virtuoso soloist! Well done! I was expecting a plate smash at the end though!

Sweet Shepherdess

An interesting choice, but allows the band to demonstrate another aspect of their playing. Soloists are secure. That was nice basses, and the band demonstrates a rich sound. 

Try not to get forceful at the climaxes of phrases.

Band ensemble is good.  All entries are confident in this section. 

This was really nice playing in this piece.


This is fast and furious. A monster of a finisher, and hard to pull of in this acoustic. The band sound I feel is at the edge. 

The chorale could be somewhat broader and more in the foreground. Basses could be broader too. 

More middle of the band needed at the end. 

Overall, some wonderful playing here. I am not wholly convinced by the finisher. There was some great playing, but maybe somewhat «out of steam» at the end. This acoustic is somewhat different to The NM stage for example, and I think you needed to adapt your articulations somewhat more to fit the setting.   

Very well done euph soloist. Thank you all. 


Hasle Brass


Nice opening. Good solo cornet and supporting parts. Nice warm sounds created during euphonium melody. Soprano, you play well, but I would have liked a bit more confidence from you. Flugel, nicely played. 

Watch out for note lengths, I feel some are over hanging in places. Horns cut through from time to time, which I enjoy hearing. 

Try to keep the warmth of sound in the louder sections. 

Hunting Wabbits

Solid start. More confidence horns. Nice flugel. This is playful, but a bit the rough side of playful in places. The ensemble in the band is generally good though. And you capture the style well. 

Nice trombone section. Well played euphonium! Solid kit playing here as well. 

Trombones you impress me with your style and sound. Dirty note from Bass trombone at the end! 

Great fun!   


Listen to your tuning basses, it is nearly there, but wanders in and out. Nice sound from the «offstage» trumpet. The band does well to let him be heard. 

I would love more from the middle of the band in the tutti section, I can hear the horns in your declarative fanfares, but not in the choral work. 

Good tuned perc, could afford a bit more from where Im sitting. 

Band not 100% agreed on the transition back to the offstage trumpet. I now hear tuned perc nicely. 

Last chord is slightly out of tune. 

Well done trumpet. Some nice moments there, band. 

Jazz Waltz

A solid beginning. I feel the band is too comfortable, dynamically. The melody should just float a bit more. The playing is good, but very «in your face» 

Accompaniment under soprano, is not tight, and again could be more restrained. 

A good feel, but just a bit too forced. 

Gonna Fly Now

Power!!! Great soprano. I see no difference between your approach to this piece and your previous piece, but HERE it is acceptable. 

Again nice soprano. Accompaniment, you are too loud for the flugel. I can hear him, but give him some more of the stage! Well done Flugel. 

Basses you are over doing it. 

Soprano, I have no idea where you have this energy? But this is really good! 

I feel once again the lower end is too forceful. 

Soprano does really well! Thanks!! 

Overall a good show. But I feel not enough dynamic contrast for me. Lower end, you need to calm down a little. Great soloists within the show though. Well done. 




Right between the eyes! A great sound, this grooves along nicely. Nice work soprano, I would have liked you on your feet, facing out to get a bit more of it! 

Accompaniment maybe a little loud under sop? I can hear it, but I would like to hear it more! 

Good balance here, I could maybe do with more horns (you can never have too much horns!)

Bass trombone just adds the right amount of colour. Well done. 

A fine start. If I was mega picky, the really high sop note at the end was mildly flat. But I couldnt do that, so……

The Show Must Go On

Nice pulsating 8th notes, leads into a good horn soloist. I could have maybe done with a bit more of it (surprised?) 

Again there are nice sounds here, from euphoniums as well. Be careful that the band 8ths are together with the tuned perc´s 8th. 

Nice drive here. Horns I can hear you just fine! 

Again, soprano does a swell job. As well as trombones. 

I hear some slight intonation issues in basses, in the lower octaves I think, but does not spoil the show. 

Some tiny untidiness at the beginning of the chorus. No biggie. 

Very nice subdued ending. 

Love of My Life

This is a controlled opening with plenty of space. Band are slightly loud for the soloist. Intonation issues are creeping up here quite frequently,  and they are too obvious not to mention. 

The soloist has a lovely tone. I feel that your G2 is mildly flat on occasions. But this is only a small thing. There is plenty of passion and understanding in your playing. 

Band either needs to come down, or soloist needs to come up. Either way, there is imbalance. 

Trombone, you are somewhat sharp. 

A lovely ending. Thank you soloist, this was beautiful. Bandwas marred with intonation issues, but was good playing. 


I dont know this piece, but I cant help feel there are quite a few wrong notes going in. Effective link though! 

Another one Bites the Dust

Basses groove nicely. Nice opening theme, full of character and nuance. Shock chords are well balanced and powerful. Dynamic contrast is plentiful. 

This is classy stuff. 

Cross rhythmic work in the accomp (troms, horns, bari) Is very well executed. 

Bass trombone again adds that edge! 

Nice work. 


Intonation pops its head up once more, especially in the crescendos. I feel the pulse in the marimba (8th notes) is slightly out of sync with the pulse of the band. Who is correct doesn't matter, it just isnt together. 

That said, this is still classy playing, and of course its great to see the horns of their feet. Nice job ladies! 

I would like the band to be a little more subdued in the cornet solo, which was played very well. 

Basses I feel if you stood up we would have heard you a bit more. From what I did hear though, well done. 

This flows nicely, 

A great finisher. 

Overall. This was a class performance that equalled, if not bettered yesterday. 

Nice baritone soloist, and very good soloists within the band too. My only real issue was lack of focus on intonation in some areas. 

Many Thanks. 




  1. Khronengen (best horns)
  2. Kleppe
  3. Molde (best perc)
  4. Oslofjord
  5. Jaren
  6. Hasle
  7. Sandefjord


Eli Margrethe Hemma

Oslofjord Brass

Minneapolis IV: Flott åpning. Nydelig horn og flugelhorn. Bandet spiller med god artikulasjon. Det er spennende å høre på.

Letter from Home: Dette er en av mine favorittlåter! Synes åpningen kunne ha vært enda mer organisk, med bedre overganger. Nydelig esskornett! Dere skaper magiske klanger.

Cut to the Chase: Supert samspill mellom solistene! Dette groover skikkelig, jeg digger det!

Shenandoah: Vakker klang, musikalitet og fraseringer.

Silverado: Energisk spill. Nydelig solo i kornett og flugelhorn. Skikkelig bra bakrekke-power! 

Dette var en flott konsert, utrolig artig repertoar som dere spilte overbevisende. Jeg synes at dere kan jobbe mer med å få større kontraster i styrkegrader og bedre artikulasjon.


Sandefjord Brass Symposium

Timeless Tales: Nydelig åpning! Det groover skikkelig i den litt raskere delen. 

Samspillet mellom solo gitar og bandet fungerer veldig godt. 

Trompetsolo, wow!

Veldig spennende programvalg! Dere spiller veldig nyansert og balansert, med trøkk og driv. Jeg koste meg under framføringa! Takk for konserten!


Molde Brass Band

Crystal: Bravo kornetter! Bandet spiller utrolig artikulert og godt. 

Can you dig it: Tøft! Imponerende tuba, dette var skikkelig groovy. 

Love of my life: Nydelig solist og vakkert akkompagnement. 

Shofukan: Et utrolig tøft arrangement av ei kul låt! Flott trompet solo!! Jeg digger tubaspillingen, det er helt rått.

Song for Japan: Solistgruppa spiller utrolig vakkert, det hele blir veldig mektig og flott når tutti band kommer med. 

Knut-Liten og Sylvelin: Sangsolist: du synger utrolig flott, men lyden kunne vært stilt litt klarere. Et godt avslutningsnummer. Takk for en flott konsert! Bandet spiller utrolig solid, og dere hadde et fengende program. Jeg virkelig koste meg!


Kleppe Musikklag

Chump Change: Super åpning! Det låter skikkelig tight og dere spiller utrolig artikulert. Bravo!

Elk’s Parade: Veldig kult at låtene gled rett over i hverandre. Flotte solistprestasjoner, skulle gjerne hatt litt svakere komp da særlig althorn ble litt overdøvet. Bandet swinger skikkelig godt i tuttipartiet.

Travelling Bossa: Flott esskornett og euphonium! Bandet får dette til å låte kjempeenkelt. Imponerende!

Ved Rondane: Dette var en uvant drakt for denne låten, men den kler det. Horn og flygelhorn; jeg liker det jeg hører, dere er utrolig samspilte. Takk solist, flott spilt!

Not Yet: Nydelig åpning! Bandet har en brilliant teknikk, det låter klokkeklart. Bravo! Kul basstrombone effekt. 

The Incredibles: Også her imponerer dere med godt samspill, overskudd, teknikk og klang. Programmet deres er solid fra første til siste tone. Takk for konserten!


Jaren Hornmusikkforening

Blackbird Special: Utrolig stilig! Dere spiller utrolig solid og tight og det blir enda mer imponerende med innøvd koreografi. Dagens beste så langt!

Saturday: Igjen solid spilling, like imponerende som åpningsnummeret.

More than a Woman: Herlige discorytmer. Imponerende esskornett og ikke minst trompetsolist!

Zeibéikikos: Imponerende solist! Super jobb av bandet til å akkompagnere solist. 

Sweet Shepherdess: Etter heftige rytmer er det godt å høre på dette nummeret. Dere musiserer vakkert. 

Finale fra Spiriti: Flott koral i trombone og kornetter. En mektig avslutning. Takk!


Hasle Brass

Marsj etter Erling Kjøk: Flotte solister i åpningen. Veldig hyggelig med et litt annerledes åpningsnummer. Dere har en god klang, men når det er tutti blir det blir litt ubalansert og uklart i lydbildet.

Hunting Wabbits 2: A Bad Hare Day: Her låter det mye mer balansert og tight. Flott euphonium solo.

JFK: Nydelig trompetsolo! Bandet spiller lekkert, det var en fornøyelse å høre på! Takk!

Jazz Waltz: Festlig låt. Det swinger godt av dere. 

Gonna Fly Now: Imponerende solister, både esskornett og flugelhorn. Bandet låter tight, og det er kjekt å se at dere koser dere på scenen. 

Bandet har et spennende program som dere spiller overbevisende. Dere kan jobbe mer med å få større kontraster i stykegradene og få enda bedre artikulasjon. Noen ganger blir det litt utydelig pga balanse og artikulasjon.


Krohnengen Brass Band

Rocky - Gonna Fly Now: Super åpning! Flott kornettsolo! Bandet låter mektig og funky.

The Show Must Go On: Nydelig. Mektig avslutning! 

Love of my Life: Baritone solist, dette er noe av det vakreste jeg har hørt. Nydelig og musikalsk akkompagement. Flotte linjer.

Interlude: Magisk!

Another One Bites the Dust: Dere spiller så tight og balansert. Det er en fryd å høre på.

Minuano: Dette er en av mine favorittlåter. Det swinger! Flott horn og flugelhorn. Takk for en flott konsert! Et utrolig flott programvalg som jeg synes dere spiller utrolig musikalsk og overbevisende. Derek gav den beste konserten i kveld!




  1. Krohnengen Brass Band
  2. Jaren Hornmusikkforening
  3. Kleppe Musikklag
  4. Molde Brass Band
  5. Sandefjord Brass Symposium
  6. Hasle Brass
  7. Oslofjord Brass


Jan Arne S. Karlsen



Dette er virkelig en skikkelig fin marsj det! Mange lekre detaljer her! Litt uryddig i kornett i enkelte løp. Dere fanger stilen fint og dette er en fin start på reisen deres.

Letter from home

Dette har fin fremdrift og dere fraserer godt. Det er litt gjennomgående intonasjonsproblemer her.  Flott avslutning av stykket!

Cut to the chase

Dette er bra, men litt jeg kunne gjerne tenkt meg litt mer grisete spill her. Blir litt for snilt for min smak! Helicon og trombone imponerer! Det meste er på plass, men savner et par hakk i både energi og styrke.


Dere gir musikken både ro og fremdrift. Dette er bra! Nå er intonasjonen mye bedre også! Balansen er god, men skulle gjerne hatt litt mer bånn (tuba). Etter min mening det beste dere har gjort denne helga! Topp.


God stil og energi her!  Fine soloer fra prinsipal og flugel! Fin tung-lett-feeling i komp her i den rolige delen.

Det er ikke alt det rytmiske og tekniske som henger sammen dessverre i neste del.  Mangler en del på overskudd her, men lange melodilinjer behandles godt!

Dette var en fin reise! Takk skal dere ha! Dere viser mye musikalitet her, men det skorter noen ganger på teknisk og klanglig overskudd.



Bandet klinger varmt og åpent i åpningen.  Balansen i voicingen er god her.

Når tempo tar seg låter det friskt. God stilforståelse i bandet! Walking i tuba låter litt bakpå. 

Imponert av mye av jazzfraseringen deres. Dette er ikke bare enda et korps som prøver å spille jazz. Det låter troverdig. F.eks måten dere behandler en langtone i slutten av en frase.

Bandet kunne vært tightere der crotales(?) kommer inn.

Gitar/kornettduoen er et musikalsk høydepunkt!

I Organ mister korpset litt overskudd og det er litt rotete,

African spring er igjen trygg og groover som fy fra slagverk! Trumpetsolo funker overbeviser! Fint groov i tuba her også!


Jeg var veldig spent i forkant må jeg innrømme.  Men dere motbeviste all tvil! I helga har dere vært med på å utvikle og utvide brassbandrepertoaret! Det er fantastisk flott!  Det som er synd med et sånn type program er at dere får vist litt lite spennvidde. Men ærlig talt så har jo ikke det noe å si for noen andre enn en dommer. Tusen takk for to veldig fine konserter i helga!


Molde brass


God åpning dette, men ikke alle accenter og detaljer kommer like godt frem. Klokkeeffekten funker nesten, men er ikke 100% i time. 

Can you dig it

Dette drives godt fra tuba.  Det er godt overskudd og dere spiller med mye energi!

Love of my life

Ah! Nydelig juffklang som solisten innehar. Både korps og solister fraserer godt og dere gir musikken både ro og fremdrift når det trengs. Veldig mye fint fra melodisk slagverk! Takk til solist for en virkelig flott musikalsk opplevelse!


God stemning her! Sop spiller veldig fint! Veldig godt driv i slagverkseksjon.  Noen intonasjonsproblem skjer underveis. Bra trompetsolo!

Funker fett med litt basshjelp til tubagutta!

Snarky puppy er en av mine favoritter og dette var dem verdig!

Song for Japan

Solistgruppa funker veldig fint. Det er en nerve i spillet deres som er veldig fint. Syns kanskje at dere kan ”synge” ennå mer ut! Pass på durterser!

Jeg er veldig glad i klangen deres, Molde! Det låter balanser, homogent, men med inderlighet og nerve.

Knut-liten og sylvelin

Stemningsfull åpning med flink solist.

Godt rytmisk driv tromboner! Tight.

Herlig oktavering i tuba!

Dere fanger stilen godt her syns jeg. Gode betoninger. Bravo slagverker, dere driver og driver! Solid oppbygging her mot slutten!

Tusen takk for et veldig fint satt sammen program. Her får dere vist det meste og det meste er svært bra. 


Kleppe musikklag

Chump change

Godt, men litt snilt dette? Snerten kom etterhvert. Nå snakker vi.  Sop imponerende. Grovmessingtema funker godt.


Flott driv i denne. Pass tuba så dere ikke blir for tunge. Fine improvisasjoner, spesielt althorn imponerer! God dixiestil her. Kornettsoli: bravo!  Dere viser masse spilleglede og det smitter!

Travelin bossa

Lekkert igjen dette sop. Syns komp blir litt mye her.

Solokornett spiller også lekkert, men her blir det i hvert fall for mye av dere andre! 16. Dels passasjene funker som et skudd. Kontrollert fremføring, men med litt lite dynamiske forskjeller og noe ubalanse.

Ved Rondane

Veldig fint spill av Juffsolist her! Syns til tider at bandet blir for sterkt og syns dere kan være litt mer strukturerte i svak dynamikk.

Not Yet

Igjen viser bandet kontroll og overskudd. Ikke alle 16deler kommer like tydelig frem bestanding. Igjen savner jeg at dere går enda mer ned i ”hvileskjærene”.


Godt driv og tempo her. Ikke alle 16. Delssvarene blir like tydelige i kornett.

Overgang til nytt tempo går smooth. Flott teama fra hornrekka her. 

God walking i neste del, tuba!  Generelt savner jeg litt mer fargelegging altså, både her og i de foregående stykkene. Det meste foregår et sted fra f og oppover. Det legger en liten demper på musikkopplevelsen. Skulle ønske meg mye større variasjoner i både repertoar og i spillet deres. Men for all del. Det tekniske overskuddet i bandet er svært godt og dere imponerer.




Yes! Endelig litt duskepiker! Både perk og tuba spiller med fremdrift og flyt. Føles godt dette! Dere fanger New-orleansånden godt i denne. Kornett og egentlig alle grupper spiller og tight!  Dette satt som ei kule!


Igjennom viser dere masse spilleglede og krydrer både musikken og det sceniske med masse små detaljer!

More than a woman

Komp: ikke overdøv melodien! Tuba :det låter fett, men her blir det litt i overkant.  Veldig fint spill i solokornet med tema. Slipp de frem da!

Herlig, Mads! Du låter kanon!


Lekkert spill her, juff! Komp følger godt og slipper solist frem. Fin dansende karakter fra komp.  Ikke alle tekniske detaljer er helt på plass i korpset mot slutten. Men alt i alt veldig imponerende. Særlig fra solist! En høydare!

Sweet shepherdess

Nydelig åpning fra juff. Det er noen intonasjonsproblemer i introen når flere kommer inn.  Tuba løfter hele klangen til bandet og da kommer også intonasjon på plass.  Mange flotte linjer her og det er godt ensemble spill.


Friskt fra starten her. Ikke alle løp fungerer like godt, men det er mye flott spilt her altså! Særlig koraltemaer låter mektig og med retning.


Generelt så er dette for meg et annet band enn det jeg hørt i går! Dette var et variert program som både underholder og utfordrer. Jeg liker det!




Stemningsfull åpning med duett mellom principal og flugelhorn. Nydelig overtakelse av tema juffer! Mye fin musisering av ensemblet her og jeg liker tubafundamentet. Dere vier god homogenitet og klangbehandling. Flott.

Hunting wabbits pt 2

Savner litt bounce i karakteren i åpningen fra horn og bariton. Det låter også litt for snilt. Det ligger jo så mye karikatur i dette materialet. Skulle ønske dere lekte dere mer med det.

Herlig solo, Eirik! Underlaget under soloen låter mer strammet opp og tight enn tidligere.  

Godt gjennomført denne, men kunne gjerne tenkt meg mer sprudlevann, fart og gøy.


Henger dessverre ikke helt sammen slagverk fra start.  Intonasjon og klang funker fint i ensemblet her. Bra trompetsolo!

Veldig kontrollert og følsomt gjennomført dette.

Jazz walz

Jess. For en fin stil det er her. Teamet behandles smidig og fint i alle grupper.  Skikkelig fint driv i tuba igjen! Herlig sop! Dette låt bra og dere fomidler godt! Godt samspill!

Gonna fly now

Godt driv i denne. Og utrykk er godt! Panserleppe sop! Herlig spilt! Fin solo fra flygel også.

Kunne tenkt meg at slagverker hadde tatt det enda mer ut på breaket!

Takk for konsert!




For en åpning! Det låter så herlig av dere tutti!  Det låter kontrollert av bandet med en god rytmisk driv! Dere viser og dynamisk spenn som hjelper mye på musikkopplevelsen! Takk til sop.solist. Låter knall.

The show must og on

Fin åpning. Tuba: pass så dere ikke overdøver solist!

Samme problem oppstår når juff overtar melodi. Komp og spesielt marimba overdøver litt.

Sop – Wow!

Jeg liker veldig godt verdigheten dere tillegger musikken her og tempoet er så godt og sløyt!

Love of my life

Veldig fint spill, Margie! Du musiser så fint og bandet henger seg fint på. Dere er så gode til å gi musikken både ro og fremdrift. Noen intonasjonsproblemer forekommer i mellomspillet.  Alt i alt en meget følelsesladet fremføring dette. Takk!


Lite fint intermezzo som skaper fin variasjon i programmet.

Another bites the dust

Underholdende dette. Støt funker som ei kule. All tematikk spilles likt og det er mye dynamisk spennvidde. Flott.


Godt utrykk her. Noen ganger lugger marimba litt med komp.

Friskt og flott hornsoli!  Bravo Tromboner! Flott rytmisk overskudd her.

Bra, Børge!

Det er godt driv her og mye rytmisk overskudd fra hele korpset. Når dere tillegg begynner å vugge er jeg solgt.

Takk for en overbevisende, rørende og fengende konsert. Dere viser stor spennvidde mtp. repertoar, dynamikk og klangbehandling. Takk.




  1. Krohnengen
  2. Jaren 
  3. Molde
  4. Kleppe
  5. Sandefjord
  6. Oslofjord
  7. Hasle